May 29, 2023

Volvo V90 Wagon Goes From Special-Order-Only to For good Unavailable

It is the exact same unfortunate track we’ve listened to a dozen or a lot more instances prior to. [Insert automaker here], which in this case is Volvo, is courageous more than enough to sell a stunning new sweet-driving wagon in the United States (the unbelievably stunning Volvo V90) in the hopes that consumers will last but not least see that these lengthy-roof cars are definitely just superior-driving SUV options and see the light. But time goes on, and the wagons are left on a lot or their get guides lay vacant, currently being handed in excess of in favor of taller, uglier, fewer engaging, inexplicably much more well-liked sport-utes. Then, the unavoidable happens—that great wagon passes on to the great winding street in the sky.

Such is the tale of the lengthy and pretty Volvo V90. Soon after creating its debut in 2017, Volvo has made a decision not to offer its significant wagon right here immediately after the 2021 model yr. It is bad not just since we are getting rid of nevertheless an additional wagon, but for the reason that the V90 was just one of the greatest-hunting, most skilled automobiles in its class. Shedding any wagon is a stated affair, dropping a person as excellent as the V90 is a further detail entirely.

To be crystal clear, the S90 sedan and the lifted V90 Cross Country will even now be accessible, and the smaller V60 wagon sticks all over as nicely. But the big V90 won’t make it to 2022. According to Carsalesbase, Volvo sold a measly 1,453 V90s from 2017 to 2020. For a very little perspective, Volvo offered a lot more 132,616 XC90 SUVs in that very same time body. Set a different way, that’s almost 100 times as a lot of XC90s. We can’t aid but come to feel as although Volvo enable this happen—after all, it manufactured the non-XC V90 station wagon a exclusive-purchase-only affair, while the V90 Cross Place designs are actually stocked in dealerships, the place customers could much more commonly experience them and consider one for a spin.

If the V90 was in any way intriguing to you in any way shape or form—and it most likely is if you happen to be examining this—go out and snap one particular up ahead of they’re absent for great. Not only are they terrific to generate and simple to reside with, they are also inevitably heading to be pretty rare, way too.