September 26, 2023

These were the fastest-selling new and used cars in May

(iSeeCars) – The latest analysis found the fastest-selling new car during the month of May was the Mercedes Benz G-Class, moving the Corvette to second place after four consecutive months as the fastest seller. Newly released models, alternative fuel vehicles, and full-size SUVs are the most prevalent vehicles on the fastest-selling new car list. For used cars, the Mazda MX-5 Miata earns the top spot on a list dominated by sports cars and alternative fuel vehicles.

Analyzing over 1.3 million new and used cars sold in May 2021, found that overall, the average new car takes 47.1 days to sell and the average used car takes 34.8 days to sell. Both new and used cars are selling faster than in April, when the average new car took 48.3 days to sell and the average used car took 37.4 days.

2021 Year-to-Date Comparison: Days to Sell and Average Prices – iSeeCars
Month New Cars Used Cars
Average Days to Sell Average Price Avg Days to Sell Average Price
January 46.2 $37,157 38.9 $26,146
February 48.9 $36,836 42.0 $26,211
March 47.4 $36,942 39.4 $26,576
April 48.3 $37,558 37.4 $27,783
May 47.1 $38,006 34.7 $29,543

These faster selling times come in the wake of increased new and used car prices. When comparing the prices of new and used cars, used car prices are up 6.3 percent in May over April, and up 13 percent since January. New car prices had a smaller increase at 1.2 percent in May over April, and have increased 2.3 percent since January. 

“The microchip shortage continues to impact new and used car sales, with new car inventory decreasing by 15.7 percent and used car inventory decreasing by 2.1 percent in May over April, intensifying the already high demand for used cars and driving up prices,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “For new cars, both higher priced full-size SUVs and alternative fuel vehicles continue to be in high demand, striking an interesting dichotomy between practical and not-so-practical consumers.”

Fastest-Selling New Cars

iSeeCars identified the top 20 fastest-selling new cars, which sell 2.8 to 5 times faster than the average new vehicle and average 13.7 days on dealers’ lots. SUVs comprise the vast majority of the the top 20 list, and alternative fuel vehicles also account for six models on the list.  

Top 20 Fastest-Selling New Vehicles in May 2021 – iSeeCars Study
Rank Vehicle Average Days to Sell  Average Price
1 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 9.4 $174,887
2 Chevrolet Corvette 9.5 $85,359
3 Cadillac Escalade 10.8 $101,836
4 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid 11.1 $34,076
5 Kia Telluride 11.6 $44,066
6 Toyota RAV4 Prime 11.9 $43,755
7 Toyota Tacoma 12.2 $38,014
8 Lexus IS 350 12.7 $48,611
9 Cadillac Escalade ESV 13.5 $103,117
10 Toyota 4Runner 13.7 $46,218
11 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 14.0 $35,588
12 Kia Carnival 14.3 $42,117
13 Chevrolet Tahoe 15.0 $66,024
14 Chevrolet Suburban 15.3 $70,008
15 Toyota Tundra 15.6 $49,253
16 Jeep Wrangler 4xe 15.9 $58,094
17 Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid 16.0 $38,159
18 Volkswagen ID.4 16.2 $45,103
19 GMC Yukon 16.4 $76,984
20 GMC Canyon 17.1 $39,260
Average for All New Vehicles 47.1 $38,006

The fastest-selling new vehicle is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which has an average new car price of $174,887. “The Mercedes-Benz G-Class makes its debut on the list of fastest-selling vehicles in May after seeing over a 50 percent increase in sales over April,” said Brauer. “The G-Class full-size off-roader typifies conspicuous consumption, and more consumers are buying this aspirational vehicle after a year of reduced entertainment and travel expenses.” 

Next is the Chevrolet Corvette, which fell to the second spot after four consecutive months as the fastest-selling new vehicle. “The Corvette C8 has been in short supply since its 2020 debut due to overwhelming demand and multiple production setbacks,” said Brauer. “Production for the Corvette idled from May 10th through May 17th and again on May 24th through the end of the month due to a parts shortage, and production of the 2021 model year is being cut short to make way for the 2022 Corvettes.”

The full-size Cadillac Escalade and its extended variant, the Escalade ESV, appear on the fastest-selling list of new cars for the fourth consecutive month. “The Escalade was redesigned for 2021 to make the already supersized SUV even more luxurious and technologically advanced, leading to a 75 percent sales increase in the first quarter of 2021 over last year,” said Brauer. “Cadillac removed incentives for these vehicles for the second consecutive month in May, and production has yet to be affected as the automaker has prioritized these profitable vehicles over less popular models.”

Three additional full-size SUVs from General Motors make the list, including the Chevrolet Tahoe, the Chevrolet Suburban, and the GMC Yukon. “General Motors is one of the manufacturers most impacted by the semiconductor shortage, but production interruptions have not affected the manufacturer’s high-profit, full-size SUVs,” said Brauer. “Consumer demand remains strong for full-size SUVs despite the recent increase in gas prices.”

Five hybrid cars make the list, with three standard hybrid vehicles and two plug-in hybrids. “The all-new Hyundai Tucson Hybrid, which arrived at dealerships in May, makes its debut on the list and joins two other recently released hybrids debuting on the listin April: the Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid and the Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid,” said Brauer. “They join the Toyota RAV4 Prime and the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, furthering the ongoing trend of Toyota struggling to produce enough hybrid vehicles to meet demand.”

An all-new electric vehicle, the Volkswagen ID.4 makes is also new to the list. “The Volkswagen ID.4 recently became the best selling electric vehicle in Europe, and it has been in high demand since it launched in the United States,” said Brauer.

The Kia Telluride midsize SUV maintains its position as a hot-seller for the fifth consecutive month, while the all-new Kia Carnival minivan makes the list for the second consecutive month. “Kia is still struggling to keep up with the demand for the Telluride two years after its launch, and dealers continue to charge above MSRP as consumers are willing to pay a premium for this vehicle,” said Brauer. “The Carnival multipurpose vehicle has the function of a minivan with sliding doors and three rows of expansive cargo space, but also takes design cues from the Telluride SUV and has been able to ride the coattails of the SUV’s smashing success.”

Three pickup trucks make the list–the Toyota Tacoma, the Toyota Tundra, and the GMC Canyon. “Toyota has halted incentives and raised prices in many parts of the country because of high demand and lowered supply for these trucks due to the microchip shortage,” said Brauer. “The plant that manufactures the GMC Canyon cut production from three shifts to two, and rebates for the Canyon stopped in May, reflecting the low inventory.” 

Fastest-Selling Used Vehicles

iSeeCars also analyzed the top 20 fastest-selling used vehicles. The average used vehicle takes 39.4 days to sell, while the top 20 fastest-selling vehicles average 25.5 days and sell 1.2 to 1.8 times faster than the average used vehicle. The list of fastest-selling used vehicles includes a mix of vehicle types led by sporty and luxury vehicles.

Top 20 Fastest-Selling Used Vehicles in April 2021- iSeeCars Study
Rank Vehicle Average Days to Sell  Average Price
1 Mazda MX-5 Miata 19.5 $25,009
2 Tesla Model 3 20.2 $44,779
3 Chevrolet Corvette 21.8 $74,773
4 Kia Telluride 22.2 $42,936
5 Honda Insight 22.7 $23,041
6 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 24.4 $38,070
7 Hyundai Palisade 24.6 $43,252
8 Honda Civic 24.8 $20,271
9 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 25.6 $17,647
10 Honda Odyssey 25.9 $30,651
11 MINI Convertible 26.2 $26,625
12 Mitsubishi Outlander 26.3 $19,595
13 Chevrolet Camaro 26.5 $33,525
14 Kia Stinger 26.6 $33,892
15 Porsche 718 Cayman 27.0 $67,330
16 Toyota 4Runner 27.3 $40,036
17 Subaru WRX 27.5 $29,424
18 Porsche 911 27.9 $146,140
19 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid 28.0 $22,430
20 Lexus UX 250h 28.2 $33,448
Average for All Used Vehicles 34.8 $29,540

Earning the top spot is the Mazda MX-5 Miata, which is up one spot after being the second fastest-selling used car in April. It’s joined by seven additional sports cars and sport sedans including the Chevrolet Corvette, the MINI Convertible, the Chevrolet Camaro, the Kia Stinger, the Porsche 718 Cayman, the Subaru WRX, and the Porsche 911. “Sports cars were a popular vehicle segment throughout the pandemic as a source of joy, and their popularity has continued as the country opens up.”

The Kia Telluride ranks fourth, and it is joined by a similar vehicle from the same manufacturer, the Hyundai Palisade, in seventh. “These vehicles debuted for the 2020 model year and have sustained their popularity, and while they aren’t yet widely available in the used car marketplace they had an increase in inventory in May over April,” said Brauer. “Given the markup and scarcity of new Kia Tellurides, used versions are appealing to consumers unable to locate a new model or who want to save money.”

The Tesla Model 3 makes the list for the third consecutive month, this time in second position. “The Tesla Model 3 has sustained its popularity since its high-profile debut thanks to impressive technology and performance, plus relative affordability compared to Tesla’s earlier vehicles,” said Brauer. 

Four hybrid vehicles make the list: the Honda Insight, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, the Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, and the Lexus UX 250h. “The Honda Clarity debuted in 2018, while the Honda Insight debuted in 2019, so used versions are just starting to enter the used car marketplace,” said Brauer. “Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles have been in high demand both as new and used cars, and that demand has intensified as gas prices continue to rise.”   

“Car buyers who are making a new or used car purchase might have difficulty finding the most in-demand vehicles, and may end up paying a premium for them in the used car marketplace amid microchip-related inventory constraints,” said Brauer. “Vehicle inventory is expected to remain tight for the remainder of the year, so consumers who are in the market for one of these fast sellers will need to act quickly when they see their desired car for sale.”

Fastest-Selling Cars By City 

iSeeCars analyzed the data geographically to find the fastest-selling new cars in the top 50 most populous metro areas.

Fastest-Selling New and Used Cars in April By City
City New Vehicle Days to Sell (Average) Used Vehicle Days to Sell (Average)
Albuquerque-Santa Fe, NM Ram Pickup 1500 7.2 Chevrolet Camaro 21.2
Atlanta, GA Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 4.6 Tesla Model 3 16
Austin, TX Cadillac Escalade ESV 2 Subaru Outback 12.7
Baltimore, MD Toyota RAV4 Prime 6.7 Toyota Tundra 20.1
Birmingham, AL Toyota 4runner 6.5 Honda Civic 16.5
Boston, MA-Manchester, NH Kia Telluride 7 Honda Ridgeline 21.6
Charlotte, NC Hyundai Palisade 8.9 Toyota Prius 14.3
Chicago, IL Mercedes-Benz GLS 11.6 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 16.9
Cincinnati, OH Kia Telluride 4.5 Chevrolet Suburban 14.6
Cleveland-Akron (Canton), OH Subaru Ascent 7.4 Nissan Pathfinder 18.7
Columbus, OH Kia Telluride 2.1 Honda Civic 15.9
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 3.9 Toyota Prius Prime 8.5
Denver, CO Kia Telluride 4 Jeep Wrangler 21.3
Detroit, MI Jeep Wrangler 4xe 4.5 Volkswagen Tiguan 17.2
Fresno-Visalia, CA Hyundai Elantra 31.7 Jeep Compass 17.4
Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, MI Hyundai Palisade 10.1 Kia Sorento 16.4
Greensboro-Winston Salem, NC Kia Sportage 9 Nissan Versa 16.4
Greenville-Spartanburg, SC Toyota 4Runner 7 Honda Civic 15.6
Harrisburg-Lancaster-York, PA Kia Sorento 12 Toyota Tundra 18.8
Hartford & New Haven, CT Volkswagen Atlas 11.6 Mitsubishi Outlander 13.9
Houston, TX Chevrolet Suburban 8.5 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 12.4
Indianapolis, IN Subaru Forester 4.1 Chevrolet Corvette 10.1
Jacksonville, FL Dodge Charger 11.6 Nissan Maxima 8.9
Kansas City, MO GMC Sierra 1500 5.9 Acura TLX 14.3
Las Vegas, NV Toyota Tacoma 4.1 Mazda MAZDA6 13.4
Los Angeles, CA Kia Carnival 4.5 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 13.8
Memphis, TN Subaru Forester 6.4 Jeep Compass 13.6
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL Lexus IS 350 3.7 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 15.4
Milwaukee, WI Hyundai Tucson Hybrid 11 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 13.8
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Hyundai Tucson Hybrid 8.1 Mitsubishi Outlander 21.1
Nashville, TN Subaru Outback 2.8 Mercedes-Benz GLA 9.3
New York, NY Mercedes-Benz G-Class 8.3 Tesla Model 3 14.7
Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News,VA Hyundai Palisade 7.5 Subaru Forester 16.5
Oklahoma City, OK GMC Yukon 8.1 GMC Canyon 16.1
Orlando-Daytona Beach, FL Toyota Highlander Hybrid 8.1 Honda Civic 14.8
Philadelphia, PA Kia Carnival 9.9 Tesla Model 3 16.5
Phoenix, AZ Chevrolet Colorado 5.8 Chevrolet Bolt EV 11.5
Pittsburgh, PA Toyota Highlander Hybrid 9 Mitsubishi Outlander 20.1
Portland, OR Subaru Crosstrek 4.2 Nissan LEAF 14
Raleigh-Durham (Fayetteville), NC Hyundai Tucson Hybrid 8.1 Mitsubishi Outlander 13.4
Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA Toyota RAV4 5.2 Land Rover Discovery Sport 11.9
Salt Lake City, UT Hyundai Palisade 9.9 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 15.8
San Antonio, TX Toyota 4Runner 5.4 Subaru WRX 13.3
San Diego, CA Toyota C-HR 6.2 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 14.2
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA Hyundai Palisade 6 Hyundai Accent 13.5
Seattle-Tacoma, WA Kia Carnival 4.8 Buick Encore 14.8
St. Louis, MO Chevrolet Colorado 10.9 Cadillac Escalade 22.5
Tampa-St Petersburg (Sarasota), FL BMW4 Series 6.6 Chevrolet Camaro 11.6
Washington, DC (Hagerstown, MD) Ford Bronco Sport 10.7 Honda Insight 15.6
West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, FL Toyota RAV4 8.6 Honda Odyssey 14.2

The fastest-selling new vehicle in the most cities is the Hyundai Palisade in five cities, and the fastest-selling used vehicle is a tie between the Honda Civic and the Mitsubishi Outlander in four. 

“Car buyers who are making a new or used car purchase might have difficulty finding the most in-demand vehicles, and may end up paying a premium for them in the used car marketplace,” said Brauer. “While automakers are prioritizing their more popular vehicles and continuing production in the wake of the microchip shortage, demand for these vehicles is still likely to outpace supply in the coming months.”

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Methodology analyzed over 1.3 million new and used car sales (model years 2016-2020 for used cars) from May 2021. The number of days that each car was listed for sale on was aggregated at the model level, and the average days on market for each was mathematically modeled. Heavy-duty vehicles, models no longer in production prior to the 2021 model year, and low-volume models were excluded from further analysis.

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