May 29, 2023

Mercedes-Benz Acquired YASA, a Ferrari, Koenigsegg Provider for Axial Flux Motors

Following announcing it ideas to give up on the combustion motor by the conclusion of the decade “where market place situations let,” Mercedes-Benz offered a couple other surprises. One of them is that it bought YASA Confined, a company you realized so much because of the Koenigsegg Regera, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, and other automobiles these kinds of as the Puritalia Berlinetta. Quickly, you’ll also know it for the Mercedes-Benz EVs it will electrical power with its axial flux motors.
That means that the magnetic subject that can make these motors do the job is parallel to their axis of rotation. That’s very similar to the principle adopted by Magnax, apart from the reality the axial flux motor from this Belgian enterprise has a yokeless stator, which shortens the flux path and lessens the pounds of the motor. Magnax states that its remedy presents the highest ability density in the business. Sadly, we have not listened to of any car or truck equipped with the axial flux motors of the Belgian firm nonetheless.

In accordance to YASA, their motors present a “superior power-to-body weight, outstanding performance, and endlessly repeatable performance” when compared to frequent ones, which use a radial flux arrangement. In other text, the magnetic discipline that helps make them shift is created perpendicularly to the axis of rotation.

We suspect YASA will be essential for Mercedes-Benz to present its AMG.EA platform. The functionality division of the German carmaker promised to present a new stage of driving dynamics with its electric powered autos. YASA’s axial flux motors in shape the necessities really effectively.

Ironically, when the narrator in the video clip pointed out the motor vehicles that now use YASA motors, she just said that they are “ultra-high-general performance mid-engined hybrid supercars” as an alternative of contacting them by their names.

Thinking of the motor provider now belongs to the German carmaker, that comes as no shock. Even so, we’re confident it felt tempted to say that the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and the Koenigsegg Regera now have Mercedes-Benz elements…