February 7, 2023

Energica juices up its electric motorcycles with critical motor up grade

The full Energica variety of electric performance motorcycles will get important updates in electricity and effectiveness, with an impressive weight fall to boot, as the Italian corporation rolls out a model new EMCE motor and inverter produced with Mavel.

These Italian electrics were currently not sluggish, making some 107 kW (145 hp) and hitting prime speeds up to 150 mph (240 km/h) – and certainly Energica was not setting up to upgrade the motors until 2022, but says pandemic-similar provide chain issues compelled it to accelerate development and start the EMCE motor and inverter early.

Which is good news for anybody seeking to pick up new bikes from the Eva nakedbike array or the Ego sportsbike assortment. The new powerplants improve electricity up to a peak of 126 kW (169 hp), or a constant 110 kW (147 hp), with a enormous 215 Nm (159 lb-ft) of torque obtainable. That’s virtually 50 % far more torque than the peak figure on a KTM Superduke 1290, for reference, with approximately equal peak horsepower. So yep, it will go a bit – -60 mph (-96 km/h) will be dispatched in 2.6 seconds.

What is a lot more, the new motor drops some 10 kg (22 lb), many thanks to new rotor and stator geometries and a redesigned cooling procedure that also strengthen thermal performance of the method. In between performance gains and fat losses, Energica says riders can hope to get some 5-10 p.c extra array out of the bikes’ 13.5- and 21.5-kWh battery packs, “in accordance to driving style,” bringing peak urban array up as large as 261 miles (420 km).

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EMCE, the new electric motor of Energica motorcycles

Source: Energica