May 29, 2023

AAA provides advice for safe and sound driving in the rain

Communities across the state have been working with some weighty rainfall through the weekend. That is why AAA is releasing some soaked climate driving strategies for anyone who is caught out on the streets.

They are reminding motorists to never ever generate by means of standing h2o even if you’re common with the region, considering the fact that you can not be specific how deep it actually is.

“Spring and summertime showers could assistance flowers, but damp pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million targeted visitors crashes every single calendar year,” AAA stated in a push release. “AAA reminds motorists to hardly ever drive by means of standing h2o as the location is dealing with weighty rain this summer. Downpours that develop standing drinking water all through a storm can be harmful, and motorists should really never drive by way of standing h2o at any depth even in common regions. Repairs connected to flooded vehicles can cost hundreds of bucks and may possibly not be covered by vehicle insurance plan.”

They are also advising against employing cruise regulate, as it can make your auto more durable to tackle and less complicated to eliminate command.

You might be also suggested to slow down and go away further place amongst you and the car or truck in entrance of you considering that it normally takes longer to cease on moist pavement.

And if your vehicle starts off to skid, will not slam on the brakes.