May 29, 2023

2023 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Might Get a Cadillac Blackwing Boost

You might have already seen some spy shots of a camo-clad Chevy Camaro at the Nürburging floating around the internet thanks to a post on the German website Modern Muscle Cars, but it is most certainly not a new ultra-high-performance Z/28. Even though every single Camaro enthusiast (yes, every single one, we checked) wants to see what Chevrolet could do if it made a sixth-generation Z/28, it isn’t going to happen. We know the project has been dead for a while and, trust us, we are big-time sad. So, what exactly is that winged, big-tired Camaro the Bow-tied internet has become fixated on?

Well, it seems to be a Camaro ZL1 or its evil twin, the ZL1 1LE. Those two beasts have been around almost completely unchanged (save for some tail light modifications) since their respective debuts a few years back, but it looks like Chevy wants to send the sixth-gen Camaro out with a Cadillac Blackwing-powered bang. According to a source deep inside GM, the Camaro ZL1 (and likely the higher-downforce, more track-focused ZL1 1LE) will be getting some Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing-inspired goodies for their last two model years.

The CT5-V Blackwing came screaming out of the gates with a 668-hp version of GM’s supercharged 6.2-liter LT4 V-8 engine, the latest generation of GM’s MagneRide suspension tech, and the option for Brembo carbon ceramic brake rotors. These are all performance-enhancing goodies that Chevy’s ZL1 duo doesn’t have (well, the ZL1 currently uses a 650-hp version of the LT4, but you get the point). While full details of the changes are still pretty vague, a spec bump for the Camaro’s final two years makes sense to us.

After all, the 5th-generation Z/28 was only around for the 2014 and 2015 model years, and it was one heck of a final hurrah to the Camaro’s comeback after its near decade-long hiatus. It wouldn’t surprise us at all if these changes were made for 2023 and stuck around until the end of the sixth-generation Camaro’s life. We’ve previously reported that 2024 will be the sports car’s final year on the scene, after which it will be replaced by, of all things, an electric performance sedan.

Even though the idea of a new ultra-hardcore Camaro Z/28 still tugs at our heartstrings, we can only dream of what a Blackwing-spec Camaro ZL1 could do. Maybe then the new Ford GT500 would have something to seriously worry about. But only time will tell, and we’re eagerly awaiting that time.