June 5, 2023

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Rear Motor Much too Complex For Munro: Movie

Former Ford engineer, owner of engineering consulting organization Munro & Associates, Inc., and YouTuber Sandy Munro has been performing on disassembling and examining a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E for months now. So considerably, that process has involved checking out the Mach-E’s undercarriage, frunk spot, door assembly, rear cargo spot, pillars, front conclusion, seats, battery pack, suspension, thermal system (including a deep dive into its heating and cooling), battery tray, voltage technique, instrument panel, and bare entire body, as nicely as evaluating its engineering to its rivals and conducting a complete battery examination. Now, Munro’s hottest movie usually takes a significantly nearer look at the Mach-E rear motor.

Correct off the bat, Munro admits that he’s not terribly nuts about the complexity of the Mach-E rear motor when in contrast to the ones existing in the Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID.4, mostly since it characteristics extra shifting sections and it is fewer refined. It isn’t all negative, however, as Munro praises the motor’s magnets, however he also points out they’re greatly glued into location somewhat than held by some form of fastener.

Munro also points out that there are a whole of 507 laminates in the Mach-E’s rear motor, which is a great deal of small shifting areas, in addition to other pieces like the magnets. The motor is nevertheless less difficult and much easier to assemble than an ICE motor, Munro notes, but it is however extra complicated than it desires to be. There is also some wasted room inside of the motor by itself, though the device does feature bolts with complete doggy points, which indicates that they won’t cross-thread.

There are some other perplexing things about the motor, including the actuality that the electrical power qualified prospects for the inverter are not straight, which would make them additional economical. The cooling technique is a bit larger sized and a lot more elaborate than the Tesla’s, the filters are tough to accessibility and exchange, and there’s a parking pawl, which neither the VW or the Tesla has. All of these issues incorporate excess weight, complexity, and price to the car or truck, which are certainly undesirable matters, but at the identical time, the Mach-E’s motors basically operate the same as its competition.

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